The NY Fashion Week 2020 premiere of Bodysuitsme sexy bodysuits for women.

Bodysuitsme was honored to introduce our first Bodysuitsme’s runway collection at the CHULO Underwear official New York Fashion Week benefit show on Saturday, February 8, 2020, at Club 51 NYC.

The collection showcased seven different looks with different styles, materials, and for various occasions. 

We believe that all women are beautiful in their own way and we want them to feel so in our bodysuits. Our models come from different backgrounds, have different sizes and sexualities. It is the diversity that Bodysuitsme embraces. 

We would like to thank the positive feedback from our guests. They expressed to us that they felt surprised about the versatility of our bodysuits and more educated on how to incorporate bodysuits in their fashion routine.

@lialik worn a golden lacy lingerie bodysuit under a vest makes for a classy yet sexy look.
@lera.levinski in a classic, black bodysuit that pairs easily with any bottoms, basic yet elegant. 
@shirleycapaldo in golden solid bodysuit with bra-cup next to our founder @pettie_tekye
Our fan favorite @noellefik was wearing a set of sprinkle bodysuit with long vest, looking young, fun and sexy.

Again, we were very thankful to everyone who has supported us to make it a successful event! :)

Team @bodysuitsme